Adam’s current series of art uses old psychology books, mainly those of Carl Jung which he tears up and collages onto art-boards as a base for what then becomes of study of depth and layering with encaustic (wax), paint, collage and image transfers. The effect is one of deep richness, which urges the viewer to explore the hidden texts of the pages and try to tie together the various psychological meanings.  From archetypes to myth and dreams, Adam’s work urges the viewer to connect with how the psyche is embedded in a much larger experience of itself and the world around it.


Adam’s vinyl weave collage series uses misprinted and overages of movie posters, sporting event graphics and advertising vinyl (banners, pole signs, super-graphics, billboards, etc.), which Adam deconstructs into strips and hand-weaves into new narratives. The artwork’s heavy square pattern, invite the viewer to explore each two-inch by two-inch square to discover hidden images and meanings along with pieces and parts of words and logos. Adam takes a lot of additional pride in this artwork because there is truly no acceptable way to deal with PVC waste (vinyl banners/signs). It is basically non-biodegradable and while sitting in landfills, it creates a toxic gas (vinyl chloride) that is especially toxic.