An artist from birth and successful graphic designer, in college, Adam began dabbling with found objects, clothing and everyday commercialism as an artistic medium. Some of his first pieces revolved around old advertising materials and denim jeans. In college, Adam pursued a Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic communication, which he forayed into a successful career first as a graphic designer, then as an entrepreneur and marketer.

For 16 years he owned and operated an award winning design/marketing agency in Houston, Texas with as many as 12 employees. There he merged his passion for art with the advertising world, and worked with such companies as ESPN, NBC Sports, Pepsi, PGA Tour, Houston Astros and Texans as well as many others in the sports and entertainment world.

Rediscovering his love for found objects and collage, Adam dove back into his art and started to study the works of Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Willie Cole. In 2008, Adam sold his firm and moved to Los Angeles where he launched his art studio.

Currently working towards a Masters in Counseling Psychology and having worked in advertising for almost 20 years, Adam has a unique perspective of the world of commercialism and its everyday effects on the psyche. Drawing on these experiences, Adam has created two distinct directions and looks for his artwork.

Adam’s creativity is not only limited to his art, he still designs, consults and has written a book about archetypes and storytelling in the sports marketing arena entitled Captivate, which is available on He currently lives, works and plays in Salt Lake City and is the proud father of a 17 year old boy..